What am I Tasting?

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Taste that Coffee!!

Now, take a sip of coffee and consider the flavours you are tasting. This time, turn to the Flavour Wheel and begin once more at the centre. As with the Aroma Wheel, the taste descriptors get more specific as you work your outwards.

As an example: a coffee taster might detect hints of berries. Moving through the ‘sweet’ section, you are confronted with a choice: is it ‘acidic’ or ‘mellow’? If you decide ‘mellow’, sharpen your observations further – is it ‘mild’ or ‘delicate’?

Like wine tasting!!


According to NCAUSA
Aguide to coffee types is what you need to know

The NCAUSA also state that Roasts fall into one of four color categories — light, medium, medium-dark and dark.  

Many consumers assume that the strong, rich flavor of darker roasts indicates a higher level of caffeine, but the truth is that light roasts actually have a slightly higher concentration.

It is so true that the perfect roast is a personal choice and can be sometimes influenced by national preference or geographic location. Within the four color categories, you are likely to find common roasts as listed below. It’s a good idea to ask before you buy. There can be a world of difference between roasts.